A jumble of rubber bands

Everyone knows a rubber band is the 2nd most useful item of all of everything. (2nd to the towel.) Here are the official 101 uses for a rubber band:
  1. Can be used to power toys, such as airplanes, without electricity.
  2. Can be flung at someone/something, therefore it has uses as a weapon.
  3. Can be used as a stylish bracelet or anklet.
  4. If long enough, it can also be used as a necklace.
  5. Can double as an effective eraser.
  6. Can be used to hold a bunch of objects, such as pencils, together.
  7. Can be used as an effective catapult.
  8. Can be used to smash/break delicate objects (if shot with sufficient force).
  9. Can be used to mimic the effects of a helicopter blade for study (if used in the right way).
  10. Can be used as a fan (if used the same way as above).
  11. Can be used to threaten an enemy into submission.
  12. Can be used to knock an object off a high shelf, thus being able to get at it after all.
  13. Can be used as a bookmark.
  14. Can be used to draw/doodle on if no paper is available.
  15. If painted red, it can be used as a signal flag.
  16. Can be hung as a snazzy decoration.
  17. If combined with other rubber bands, it can be used to make even more snazzier decorations.
  18. Can be wrapped around the thumb and used as a thimble.
  19. Can be used to plug leaks because it is naturally waterproof.
  20. Can be used to measure depth of transparent liquids.
  21. Can be used over a wide temperature range from -80C to +300C! (-120F to 572F)
  22. Can be used to insulate small amounts of electricity, conductive or anti-static.
  23. Can be used to reduce heat transfer with its low thermal conductivity.
  24. It has friction properties similar to human skin and is therefore comfortable to grip, therefore it can relieve stress
  25. It is compatible with other engineering materials (e.g. metals, plastics and ceramics) and can be combined with them in many different ways.
  26. Can be used, with some engineering modifications, as a means of propulsion for very light crafts.
  27. Can hold one object to another without the release of either object.
  28. Can stretch, therefore it can be used to absorb kinetic energy.
  29. If used in a combination of other rubber bands and maybe other materials, you can make basketballs and soccer balls.
  30. Can be used in an endless amounts of scientific experiments, either about or not about elasticity.
  31. In combination with other rubber bands, it can be used to make a handy basket.
  32. Can be used as a source of endless amusement and boredom relief.
  33. Can be used as handcuffs (not to effective though)
  34. Can be used as a musical instrument.
  35. Can relieve tension.
  36. Can hold ponytails or pigtails, thus mimicking a hairclip.
  37. Can be used as a compass to draw circles.
  38. Can be launched as ammo from a larger object.
  39. Can mimic the shape of various geometric shapes.
  40. Can be used as a Christmas tree ornament.
  41. Can hold wax from dripping out of a candle.
  42. Can be used as a band-aid (if wrapped multiple times around a wound).
  43. Can secure lids.
  44. Can secure glasses/goggles to the face.
  45. Can be used as a stylish and practical (head/sweat)band.
  46. Can be used to reinforce a paper telescope.
  47. Can be used to pull latches.
  48. Can be used to move objects
  49. Can be used to support on object
  50. Can be used to make designs on clothes
  51. Can be used as an earring (if looped around ear)
  52. Can be used to take out an eye
  53. Can be used to do string figure tricks (if many used)
  54. Can be used as a yo-yo if has a rock tied to it
  55. Can be a mini arena if laid out on table.
  56. Can be used to make origami (with skill and a lot of rubber bands)
  57. Can be used as the spine of a book
  58. Can be used to measure water depth in a small pool (if a very large rubber band)
  59. Can be used as a ruler (if you know the length of band)
  60. Can be used for a rubber band gun
  61. Can double as a hook/lasso
  62. Can be used as a distraction
  63. Can make a chain
  64. Can be used to start races (when gun shoots rubber band)
  65. Can be melted down into glue
  66. Can be used to direct an object at an object
  67. Can be used to bend paper
  68. Others (yet to be listed)

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