This Site, Google Images, Daleks, and Skis Revisited

Follow up to: Sometimes I Don’t Understand Google Image Search…

Now with Serial commas!

First, a little background — Earlier, I posted about trying to find Internet Access in Canada, where I introduced the concept of “Daleks on Skis”, complete with a photoshopped image of Dalek with skis and a ski pole.

I’ll spare you a picture of the thing, because I’ve already posted it several times. And you’ll be seeing lots of screenshots of the Dalek on Skis further down in this post.

Anyways, exactly a week later, I wrote a complaint about how I couldn’t find the Dalek on Skis image anywhere on Google Images. All I could find was a bunch of things that didn’t even look like Daleks at all:

What is up, April 2 version of Google Images?


However, now — I think Google has listened to my complaint. Because times have changed!

Hurray for April 20 version of Google Images!


Of course, it won’t be too long until the above image is also in Google Images under Daleks on Skis, in which case I create an evil Google recursive loop, as long as I keep blogging about the screenshot.

Bonus Materials

Well, seeing as that was kind of short, I also wanted to analyze how I’m doing on the web search front:

#1 for Daleks on Skis! My Google Skills are Awesome!


And I’m also doing really well for my post on whether zero is even or not (Hint: It is).

#6! That’s pretty good!


Okay, that’s probably good enough.

Followed up by: Daleks on Skis Re-Revisited


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  1. #1 Muntadhar al-Zaidi says:
    28 Apr 2009, 7:05 pm  

    I wonder if the Daleks are monitoring this post right now?

  2. #2 Peter says:
    28 Apr 2009, 8:50 pm  

    Quite probable.

  3. #3 Jeff says:
    3 May 2009, 12:18 pm  

    Bad Wolf corporation, your lords and masters. They are DEFINITELY watching.

  4. #4 Peter says:
    3 May 2009, 12:38 pm  

    @Jeff: Bad Wolf and Satellite Five control Google?

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