[Rerun] Essays That Inspire Me

I was too busy to blog today, so I decided I would re-run an old essay that was the precursor to the very Weekly Link Roundup series. Many of these essays still inspire me and ground my views the same now as they did back in May 2011, but some others, especially those in the morality section, have been obsoleted by my latest views. This is the first time I’ve done a rerun, so give me some feedback on whether it is fun / useful.

It’s not often enough that I celebrate the work others — especially the others who’s written ideas have really inspired me to keep writing for myself; the others who’s works are what I attempt to summarize and build off of. So that’s why today I have decided to write a list of all sorts of writings that have gotten me to think the way I think today; the writings of the giants — the giants who have shoulders that I do not yet stand upon, but meekly and humbly climb toward.

A lot of the work here is reflected greatly in the work I write on my blog — this should show my respect and inspiration I derive from these authors. I probably wouldn’t have written anything in this blog if it hadn’t been for me reading these online essays. So here they are, in convenient categories. I took some creative license in subtitling them, so that you know what you will be reading, but left the original titles intact. Also keep in mind that while I enjoy these writings, I do not agree 100% with every word written in them. Lastly, each category is designed to be read in order (from top to bottom).


Why I Don’t Believe in a God


On Feeling Good About Being Atheist


On Being Rational


The Foundations of My Moral Theory


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  1. #1 Tom says:
    8 Feb 2013, 6:40 am  

    Thanks for posting these Peter!

    I am making my way through them, and find them very captivating and formative.

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