Essays that Inspire Me

It’s not often enough that I celebrate the work others — especially the others who’s written ideas have really inspired me to keep writing for myself; the others who’s works are what I attempt to summarize and build off of. So that’s why today I have decided to write a list of all sorts of writings that have gotten me to think the way I think today; the writings of the giants — the giants who have shoulders that I do not yet stand upon, but meekly and humbly climb toward.

A lot of the work here is reflected greatly in the work I write on my blog — this should show my respect and inspiration I derive from these authors. I probably wouldn’t have written anything in this blog if it hadn’t been for me reading these online essays. So here they are, in convenient categories. I took some creative license in subtitling them, so that you know what you will be reading, but left the original titles intact. Also keep in mind that while I enjoy these writings, I do not agree 100% with every word written in them. Lastly, each category is designed to be read in order (from top to bottom).


Why I Don’t Believe in a God


On Feeling Good About Being Atheist


On Being Rational


The Foundations of My Moral Theory


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