Any Good WordPress Subscribe by Email Plug-ins?

Ok, so I officially give up. I want a WordPress plug-in that (1) allows people to enter their email into a sidebar WordPress widget and (2) emails people automatically a notification of every new post I write, once they are published. If you’re good with WordPress, I could use some advice. Any suggestions for plugins that accomplishes (1) and (2)?

Here’s what I’ve tried and why it hasn’t been working:

Yes, I actually did start with a manual database where I sent out the reminder emails by hand. This lasted a little less than a month and quickly became tedious. I would rather have no subscribe by email option than have to send out reminder emails manually.

Simple Email Subscriber
This doesn’t satisfy criterion #1; it requires people to log-in to WordPress, and I don’t want to make that an option.

The email widget doesn’t actually accept new email addresses.

This works just fine, but is an extremely bulky plugin to run solely for email subscription. It also adds 1 second plus to the load time of the site.

Navayan Subscribe
This email widget also wouldn’t actually accept new email addresses.

AJAX Quick Subscribe
This is what I am currently using, but it doesn’t seem to accomplish (2) — the update emails never get sent.



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